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Alicia Munian back, from envision to division!

Hello, Paul Vibes here! Welcome to another episode of The People’s Podcast. As a local motivational speaker and host the People’s podcast, one my biggest passions is bringing people together! On this episode, we welcome Alicia back on the show to discuss many interesting topics! We talk about challenges, spirituality, meditation and much more! If you are interested in being a guest, or want to support our show in anyway please reach out! Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram. Info@PaulVibes.com Alicia Munian is a Meditation teacher, psychic and inspirational speaker in Northport New York. Connect with her for an amazing healing experience. She can help you recieve peace, clarity, and guidance. Her website is: intuitivealicia.com , instagram is @aliciamunian, and YouTube is https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9XCe9…​ As always, sending you good vibes! Paul Vibes

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