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Briana Sabo

Please enjoy my podcast with my good friend Briana Sabo. She shares her challenges growing up, and the different tools and methods that have allowed her to overcome them and live the life that she’s living today. She’s thriving, as she’s helping many others live an empowering life. Reach out to her and be sure to connect. About Briana: I am a business and beauty mentor, currently studying Speech-Language Pathology at the graduate level. I am passionate about empowering people to live confidently and to be kind to themselves and others. My goal is that they will reach their fullest potential while living fulfilling and genuine lives. Through my business, I help people build wealth, and maximize their inner and outer beauty. I would love to work with you to do the same! Click on her link here to find out more! https://www.flowcode.com/page/glowith…​ Follow her on Instagram here! https://instagram.com/glowith_bri?igs…​ The Peoples Podcast: The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list. Learn more here at www.PaulVibes.com and email me at Info@PaulVibes.com

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