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Eric Ott from Island Kava

Please enjoy my podcast with one of the owners of Island Kava Eric Ott! What is Kava? Kava (Piper methysticum) is an evergreen plant native to Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. Sometimes referred to as the “intoxicating pepper,” kava is a member of the Piperaceae plant family, which also includes black peppercorn. But, it’s not seeds that make kava so valuable. Instead, it’s the root that takes the prize. Kava root contains mild psychoactive compounds, which boast anxiety-relieving, analgesic, and sedative effects. Traditionally, kava root is pulverized and mixed with water to create a bitter, pasty drink—a concoction that dates back at least 2,000 years. Kava is an earthy, raw taste reminiscent of the nature it comes from in the south pacific. You may enjoy it’s earthy properties or find it to be an acquired taste. Drinking kava produces feelings of euphoria and positivism in users that reduce anxiety and insomnia as well. Benefits of Drinking Kava There are numerous kava root benefits*. Kava root drinks relax the mind and body and induce a sense of calm and euphoria, making it ideal to use for social relaxation. It can also be used to reduce stress, those everyday normal feelings of anxiousness when facing challenging life events, as well as to relieve muscle tension or to help on those occasions when getting to or staying is sleep if difficult. There are many reasons to drink kava. Our customers tell us they like to drink kava as: An alternative to alcohol for social relaxation A way to alleviate stress and keep calm A means of taking normal everyday anxieties, worries and fears down a notch A way to lift their mood and increase sociability A natural sleep aid or to help with occasional sleeplessness Please go here to learn more about the podcast and my talks! https://multi.link/paulvibes

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