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Georgia Woodbine

Please enjoy my podcast with Georgia Woodbine! Georgia Woodbine is a noted Change Agent, Author and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, as well as a Public Speaker – one of the best of have ever had the fortune to hear. The lesson that she provided for us is basically, how to live to our full potential, and not to let our negative thoughts hold us back from reaching our heights. Now some might feel that this is a lot of “New Age” rhetoric – but it’s not. It’s about removing all the toxicity out of our minds and letting the positive take over. America has much to recommend it as a society, unfortunately, we have some serious – deadly problems in the way of negativity. Georgia shows you how to combat the negative thoughts that attach to ourselves over the years and turn those negatives into positives. With the political situation in this country being what it is – her teachings are needed now – more than ever. https://www.georgiawoodbine.com/​ Follow my different social media pages and site here! https://multi.link/paulvibes

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