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Kundalini Karisa

Please enjoy my podcast with Kundalini Karisa! Kundalini Karisa, a loving name that was given to me by those who practice with me. I am a international Kundalini science and technology (yoga and meditation) teacher that felt a calling to bring Kundalini science to those who are ready to learn life long tools that will drop self limitations, thoughts and feelings. I am the founder of Elevation Tool Box Method, Unum Heart Elevation Station, unum heart breath Tool and the Elevation Tool Box sensory soothing yoga mat ( first of it’s kind). Elevation Tool Box Method is a umbrella method. It utlizes the science of Kundalini, breath work, 90 degree angels, movements as fast acting tools to help all people feel their best self.Elevation Tool Box is tangible and made up of specific combinations of rhythmic patterns of breath work, hand mudras, body movement and vibrational medicine to help us to access a steady state of calm, quickly. I specialize in Kundalini science and sound as vibration medicine. It is my passion to share my deep understanding of the positive effects Elevation Tool Box Method has on the nervous, glandular and lymphatic systems because I know it will help people feel better quickly. I have expertise and a small obsession on how the specific breaths – movements stimulate the central nervous system and regulate the glandular and lymphatic system. It is my understanding that the health of these systems contribute to ones ability to over come their challenges, regardless of what the goal of improvement is. It is my experience that the function of these systems distinguish those of us who live life well with Autism, ADHA, ADD, Addiction, PTSD, Depression and or Anxiety on a daily bases and for those that just want to feel better. Unum Heart Elevation Station is a school bus that I converted into a mobile zen space, where I share my method in group and private sessions. I call it the stress free zone. It’s give me the ability to deliver my Tool Box method through school district, individuals and corporate , and class room atmospheres in schools and colleges throughout Long Island, Manhattan and Queens. I hold a MA in psychology and continue to move into a second masters/doctoral program in the fall of 2021. I have traveled all over the world to leaner the science of Kundalini yoga and meditation. I have over 5000 hours of training experience and 3000 hours of teaching experience under my Kundalini belt. Elevation Tool Box Method also covers current scientific research on the individualized techniques of the method and how they help to regulate the stress, anxiety in the brain and emotions in the body. The course is facilitated by a highly experienced guiding teacher who directs the learning process by answering questions, providing ongoing feedback, and synthesizing emerging themes. When you are placed near the output source you automatically begin to vibrate as the same wavelength as the output source. What are you putting out there in these times. What are you engaging in? Your media source. Your social media source. Your personal vibration. What are you sharing? What vibration are you emitting? Mindful. I believe that we have a responsibility to help the collective raise the band frequency. Our human minds are creating the fears. It is my mission to share that the human minds are an extraordinary instrument and without the proper internal guidance you will see how destructive your mind can be. We are living within an audio visual feast of fear in these times. At low frequencies, all human beings are destructive to the collective and it is my belief that Elevation Tool Box method can elevate all people everywhere. Please go here to learn more about the podcast and my talks! https://multi.link/paulvibes

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