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Matt from Moverz

Matt Ferrara is the founder of Moverz: A community of people empowering each other to take action towards their passions. He’s also the host of Long Island’s newest music festival STATTFest. He believes in collaboration over competition and believes everyone should tune into their unique abilities. Who are the Moverz? We are a community of storytellers, innovators, filmmakers, animators, developers, musicians, comedians, & philanthropists who make impactful content for the brands we believe in. Websites: www.moverz.org , www.stattfest.live , Social media: @matty_moverz / @moverz_ / @stattfest . Email: Matt@moverz.org Please feel free to follow me, and the podcast by supporting the following pages. You can find all my social media pages and contact info here! https://multi.link/paulvibes​ Thanks, Paul Vibes Sending you all good vibes as always!

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