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Michael Callahan

Please enjoy my podcast with Michael Callahan! MIchael is a great friend and life coach of mine, and I cannot wait to have him back on the podcast! A little bit about Mike! The search for meaning and purpose is a very deep and personal journey. My own journey has taken me through very unexpected twists and turns. Having a guide and spiritual counselor at certain points of your life may be just was it is needed and may provide the inspiration and direction that may not be available through therapy or other types of counseling. Get Mikes book here! https://www.amazon.com/Your-Own-North…​ Email: mcalla@optonline.net Website: https://reverendcallahan.com/​ The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list. Learn more here at www.PaulVibes.com and email me at Info@PaulVibes.com Check out Space Zambonie who edited this podcast!! https://spacezambonie.com/​SHOW LESS

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