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Mike Callahan shares his coaching services.

Please enjoy my segment with my good friend and mentor Michael Callahan! On this segment he shares with us his main coaching services. Please feel free to reach out to him with any questions, and check out or prior podcast where we go into more depth. Who is Michael Callahan? With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling and additional studies and certifications in Human Resources and Career Counseling and Resume writing at NYU and several top tier Outplacement Providers, advanced Coaching development in the “Coaching with Spirit” program at the The Graduate Institute in Bethany CT and Certification in Life Coaching with ICF and “ExpertRating, I focus on helping individuals with very important aspects of their lives—career fulfillment and personal progress. My expertise relates to helping you identify and pursue work and life goals that energize you, suit your abilities, and meet your additional desires related to salary, benefits, work hours, location, and opportunities for advancement. Get Mikes book here! https://www.amazon.com/Your-Own-North…​ Email: mcalla@optonline.net Website: https://reverendcallahan.com/​ The Peoples Podcast: The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list. Learn more here at www.PaulVibes.com and email me at Info@PaulVibes.com

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