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Music, expression and life!

Please enjoy these three wonderful human beings, be sure to reach out to them and follow them on their social media pages! If you or someone you know think they might be good guest for the Peoples podcast please reach out. Alicia Munian (Healer, Psychic and coach) https://www.intuitivealicia.com/​ aliciamunianps@gmail.com Susan Glaser Gelbman and Michael OOhm Seven Coote (Singing Bowls, Drum Circles and massage Therapy) https://susangelbman.com/​ suetrue21@yahoo.com Instagram PaulVibes_ Facebook Paul Vibes https://www.facebook.com/PaulVibesTalks/​ My new website www.PaulVibes.com Email us if you’re interested in supporting our podcast or want to be a guest! Info@PaulVibes.com Thanks, Paul Vibes

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