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Oliver Hubbard

Please join us for our very special Segment of the people’s podcast called hydration conversations. During this segment we head over to the very Innovative and healthy IV Bar. We enjoy a variety of different IV’s that help with things including energy, detoxing, mood, immunity and much more! While enjoying these IV’s I also have deep conversations with unique guests and learn about their journey and the different gifts that they offer the world. Who’s Oliver Hubbard? WNBF Pro (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) that is now focused more on MMA training (Boxing, BJJ, etc.) My primary goals for my clientele vary between weight loss, building muscle, overcoming certain injuries, and joint health function. I also do Stretching, ART, Heat Therapy, and have massage tools for my clients post workout. 1hr sessions $75 45 min sessions $60 30 min sessions $45 Follow him on Instagram here! https://instagram.com/ohubbz?igshid=1…​ The Peoples Podcast: The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list. Learn more here at www.PaulVibes.com and email me at Info@PaulVibes.com

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