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Owen and Alicia

What is The Peoples Podcast? At an early age Paul understood the power behind meaningful connection. Through Paul’s value for establishing and creating a sense of community and empowering people, he created the People’s Podcast. Featured on YouTube, Paul now provides that same sense of community through giving others an opportunity to showcase their business, passions, and most importantly their story with the world! ​ The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list. Please join me and my two friends Alicia and Owen as we go deep! We talk about a lot of important topics, including the current state of the world, spirituality personal growth and more. Please enjoy, and be sure to follow them and reach out if you are in need of any of their services! Are you feeling lost in your life and seeking guidance? Experiencing anxiety and depression, feeling as though you are lost in your current situation? Intuitive Alicia, Alicia Munian is trained in multiple methods of spiritual healing including meditation, psychic guidance, and reiki healing. Depending on your needs, she will work with you to help you come to a place of peace, clarity, and healing with loving and open arms and a positive outlook. Overcome your obstacles and awaken your fullest potential. Www.intuitivealicia.com Oracle Owen, we offer both intuitive and traditional Meditation therapies, via Online Video Chats. Meditations that Rejuvenate the Soul, and bring deep awareness to our inner truth and Life Purpose. Owen specializes in Healing Meditations, Psychic Messaging/Medium work, and Past Life Regression Therapy. ​ We provide all our services on a Donation-Based sliding scale. By operating on this sliding scale, we are able to provide service to individuals of all income levels. https://owenmuller777.wixsite.com/omm..

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