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Paul from Bridgeside

Please enjoy my podcast with Paul Liasis, a great guy I have the privilege of calling a friend! He has years of experience working in the production field, and I’m excited to bring him on to have some interesting and deep conversations with him! Paul Liatsis is broadcast professional based in New York City and has over 13 years years of experience. With a versatile background in directing, camerawork and video editing, Paul has worked for major corporations and brands as well as a continuing job editing for MSNBC. Born and raised in Brooklyn, the creative arts has always been a big part of his life. In 2013, he founded Bridgeside Productions LLC to be wrapper for his production business as well as for his original creative content. Bridgeside’s first production, Work In Progress, was nominated for best TV Pilot in a couple of 2015 festivals and paved the way for more content. 2016 brought the birth of Bridgeside Live, a studio livestream concert series that hosts original bands of all genres. More than 175 artists later, the show is still running strong into its 5th season. Along with Bridgeside Live, Paul has gone on to create and produce internet shows like Cookin’ in Brooklyn, Pick ‘Em, Brooklyn Vs and more. These original productions comprise what is now called Bridgeside Network and can be found on Youtube and Facebook. Paul continues to be a leader in live productions and has plans to produce and direct more short films in the near future. https://www.facebook.com/gobridgesidehttps://youtube.com/gobridgesidehttps://twitter.com/gobridgesidehttps://instagram.com/bridgesidenetworkhttps://twitch.tv/bridgesidenetwork

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