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#111 – Rugrats Reboot First Impressions

The Pseudo Adults (this episode it’s just Kyle, Matt, & Alex) discuss the newest episode of their Mr. Osomatsu parody and all the other big projects happening with Space Zambonie. Then they dive into Matt & Alex’s thoughts on the RUGRATS reboot, CONJURING 3, WARRIOR, INVINCIBLE (spoilers), & them watching the 1st episode of WARRIOR as recommended by Tony. Kyle gives his scoop on ARMY OF THE DEAD (small spoilers!), and SOLAR OPPOSITES!
We don’t have any Optimism Corner this week, so Alex provides us with a rare edition of the Negativity Corner! Then the episode is wrapped up in a nice bow with good ole Osomatsu episode review/discussion! Oh, and did you hear? There’s gonna be 2 more Osomatsu MOVIES in the next 2 years!

Click here to watch Tony’s newest Inner Warrior video: How to be Confident but not Overconfident – learn from Sonic.

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