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#114 – The Turd That Ate Too Many Farts (pt 1)

The PseudoAdults are so excited to be back after a few weeks off that they recorded enough material for 2 full episodes! So this week we proudly present you with the first half!

Tony & Rachel have gone to their first Con all year – Cradle Con! They give us their review and overall experience back at a comic book convention! Kyle, Matt, & Alex have been participating in this year’s Pokemon Go Fest, and touch upon some of the highlights of their day catching ’em all!

Needless to say this is a big SPOILER-filled episode with super fun active discussion about the most recent releases including SPACE JAM A NEW LEGACY & LOKI! The convo takes crazy fun twists and turns, and they actually won’t be discussing Black Widow until the 2nd half which will be in next week’s episode. So have fun listening and we’ll catch ya with part 2 next week!

Love, Kyle.

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