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#116 – Take My Energy

The PseudoAdults discuss Alex, Matt, & Tony’s weekend at a real legit haunted house. No joke. On this episode they discuss their first-hand supernatural encounters that led all 3 of them to believe ghosts are one hundred percent real. A good chunk of this episode is Kyle interviewing them asking questions about their overall experiences with some specific encounters. This whole trip was documented and will be released as the Space Zambonie podcast this upcoming October. They really thought this trip was meant to be a fun hangout with friends, but it truly turned into a chilling experience for each of them, except maybe Tony. Tony took a bath…he talks about that too.

Once they’re ready to move onto other topics, they discuss news topics about THE FLASH upcoming film’s set photos, and all the implications that go along with it. They also dive into the Comic Con news regarding next year’s upcoming film DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO! Lots of fun and craziness this episode. Hope you enjoy!

Second half of this recording to be released next week! Look forward to it, and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST PLEASE!

Love, Kyle.

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