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#117 – Masters of the Universe: Revelation (SJW or not?)

Welcome to part 2 containing the 2nd half of last week’s episode! This episode focuses primarily on the shit we watched and wanted to discuss/review! First and foremost they discuss the newly released MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION (SPOILERS) – they discuss their own approaches & opinions on the series before discussing the very polarizing response from the fandom as a whole, and tries to decide whether or not it is justified. After this they also discuss: SHE-RA & THE PRINCESS OF POWER, GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, 1666, RESIDENT EVIL (animated series), & SCHMICADOON!

This episode kicks off with a SPOoOOoOKY round of the Optimism Corner, in theme with our last podcast episode featuring Alex, Matt, & Tony having actual supernatural encounters at a real haunted house (go listen to ep 116 if you haven’t yet!)

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