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#119 – Birthday in April

The PseudoAdults are here to discuss many of the biggest happenings in their creative lives. Alex discusses the upcoming paranormal special feature next month, and how they got to do a theater-screening premier! Kyle also has officially completed the comedy album, and they discuss the music for a bit too!

The group then dives into many of the biggest movies & shows in their lives from the past few weeks including SHANG CHI (SPOILERS!), WHAT IF (SPOILERS!), TITANS Season 3, and Scooby Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog! The group also steps back to the MCU for a moment to discuss the HAWKEYE trailer and their thoughts/feelings about it.

Please enjoy this super fun fast-paced episode, that of course includes 2 amazing Rachel’s Optimism Corner facts (1 providing the title to this episode). The episode wraps up with review & discussion of S3 E19 of Osomatsu-san!

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