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#122 – How to say hi in the MCU

The PseudoAdults discuss all the latest happenings both in their creative lives and in the mass media franchise of a world we live in. The comedy album release comes later this month!

Kyle was the only one to see the ETERNALS so he gives his NON-SPOILER review of the movie. Tony and Rachel saw NO TIME TO DIE, so they give their NON-SPOILER review of that! Lots of show discussion in this episode, including Young Justice, Titans, Aquaman King of Atlantis, Lock and Key, Ted Lasso, and Schmigadoon!

Matt and Kyle started watching a pretty incredible (but only 1 season) anime called Shimonetta, and if you haven’t heard about it…you’ll wanna!

The show wraps up with some excellent Optimism Corner facts, Osomatsu season 3 episode discussion, and last but not least we do some good ole MR. ROBOT SEASON 1 (SPOILERS!) discussion now that Tony and Rachel watched it! Rejoice! Rejoice!

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