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136 – Dr. Strange, Obi Wan, and way too much more

The Pseudo Adults discuss the most noteworthy releases of the last couple months. You can expect SPOILERS for the following topics they review/discuss! DR. STRANGE MoM, Chip ‘N’ DALE RESCUE RANGERS, MOON KNIGHT, JURASSIC WORLD 3.

There are non-spoiler teases to one another to watch TOP GUN MAVERICK, STRANGER THINGS S4, OBI WAN KENOBI, THE BOYS S3 (episodes 1-4), & MS. MARVEL (ep 1).

Tony gives the scoop on the latest news regarding our most anticipated video game- SONIC FRONTIERS!

You can bet your sweet listening ears that this episode will feature some super fun facts from Rachel’s Optimism Corner and …BATWOMAN episode review! Back by popular demand!

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