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Stephanie Marino

Please enjoy my latest podcast with Stephanie Marino an amazing spiritual coach!! 😀☮️ Be sure to follow of her on her different social media pages! She has a woman’s video workshop this Saturday which is donation based! I highly recommend you do anything with Steph! I sponsored the first women to sign up, because I truly believe that shes the real deal, and has a lot of value to offer. She truly puts her heart and soul into her work, and I’m very thankful to have done our first video together. We will have her in person for a podcast once this clears up. As always, sending you all lots of good vibes and love! Find her here! https://stephaniemarinocoaching.com/​ Follow my different social media pages and site here! https://multi.link/paulvibes​ Shout out to Corrie LoGiudice who we mention in this podcast, who just recently gave an amazing ted talk! And to Jillian Weston from The Unicorn Network for being the reason we met! I highly recommend that any millennial go check out this amazing group of supportive humans!!

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