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Podcast: Bar Talks

Alex chills at the Bar and talks about whatever shows up on the TV. Whether it be a guest, a friend that comes in, or just something random that plays in the bar… There is always something to talk about.

Christmas Traditions and Airplane Toilets

Looking for a new and entertaining podcast to listen to? Look no further than “Bar Talks” where a group of friends gather at their favorite bar to share their wild and wacky life stories. In this episode, we discuss everything from airplane toilets to Christmas traditions, including our hilarious experiences with Santa and the time we spent in a porta-potty. You won’t want to miss this laugh-out-loud and heartwarming conversation that will have you reminiscing about your own adventures with friends. Subscribe now and join the fun!”Matt in the bar, and they have a fun talk about blacking out… and the Twilight movies.


Alex finally sits with his best friend Matt in the bar, and they have a fun talk about blacking out… and the Twilight movies.

Who is Tootsie?!

Alex gets a nice gift from an old friend, and reconnects with them! With the cute dinosaur in hand, Alex and Rosie discuss her passion for crochet, knitting, and so much more!


Alex is a little overweight.. and he knows it. But he also knows someone who can help back into shape. His body builder, fitness guru, Fernanda.


Alex gets a call at the bar and has to talk to Celia and Steve about their latest video series “Road to Stattfest”


Hello everyone and welcome to Bar Talk! In this new series, we have an animated short of what you might expect the average bar conversation to go but with a Space Zambonie twist! Let’s see what kind of ridiculously funny topics that come up while at the bar!!!

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