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Podcast: Pseudo Adults

A hilarious and creative weekly podcast between longtime friends, the Pseudo Adults discuss their own creative ventures (animation, music, comics, comedy) as well as any films, shows, etc they feel passionate about (usually DC comics..still!).

#110 – Every Episode is a Friends Reunion

The Pseudo Adults discuss all the happenings of the past week! First of all, the podcast has turned 3 years old! We had an amazing delicious breakfast and are maybe a tad tipsy on mimosas while recording this one. Alex’s bday also just happened,

#109 – My Booty is Boppin’

The PseudoAdults are back after a fun birthday party day in Brooklyn and ready to discuss all that’s happening! Matt & Alex are buying mesh shirts, Tony never wearing shorts, and much more in this award worthy episode!

#108 – We’re a Biker Podcast Now

The PseudoAdults dive right into Tony & Rachel’s absence from last week’s episode. They give us the scoop on what they learned about what it means to be  REAL ADULT! Shortly after that they get into an actual true incredible story about them taking mot…

#107 – Peepoodo & The Pseudo Adult Friends!

The PseudoAdults are down to 3 this episode, but they’re making the magic happen! Kyle, Matt, & Alex give their big SPOILER-FILLED review & discussion of THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER. Alex has discovered an incredible adult-oriented online animated …

#106 – Fast And Furious About Mortal Kombat

The PseudoAdults discuss all the latest happenings! INVINCIBLE to FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER (no finale spoilers in this episode!). Many more topics are hit including us finally seeing NEW MUTANTS, Alex and Matt watched the newest MORTAL KOMBAT and give t…

#105 – Space Jam? More like SERVER JAM!

The PseudoAdults come at ya with all the good stuff over the last 1-2 weeks! Get ready for a SPOILERY discussion about GODZILLA VS. KONG &  FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (eps 1-4)! Non-spoilery chat as well about INVINCIBLE.

#104 – Zack Snyder’s Justice League PseudoReview

The PseudoAdults are back from their baby break (pun super intendo’d!) to discuss all the biggest happenings of the past few weeks. They do a big ole SPOILERY discussion of ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE and FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER episodes 1 & 2.

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