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Podcast: Pseudo Adults

A hilarious and creative weekly podcast between longtime friends, the Pseudo Adults discuss their own creative ventures (animation, music, comics, comedy) as well as any films, shows, etc they feel passionate about (usually DC comics!).

This is also the podcast with @OptimismCorner & Osomatsu episode reviews!

#110 – Every Episode is a Friends Reunion

The Pseudo Adults discuss all the happenings of the past week! First of all, the podcast has turned 3 years old! We had an amazing delicious breakfast and are maybe a tad tipsy on mimosas while recording this one. Alex’s bday also just happened,

#109 – My Booty is Boppin’

The PseudoAdults are back after a fun birthday party day in Brooklyn and ready to discuss all that’s happening! Matt & Alex are buying mesh shirts, Tony never wearing shorts, and much more in this award worthy episode!

#108 – We’re a Biker Podcast Now

The PseudoAdults dive right into Tony & Rachel’s absence from last week’s episode. They give us the scoop on what they learned about what it means to be  REAL ADULT! Shortly after that they get into an actual true incredible story about them taking mot…

#107 – Peepoodo & The Pseudo Adult Friends!

The PseudoAdults are down to 3 this episode, but they’re making the magic happen! Kyle, Matt, & Alex give their big SPOILER-FILLED review & discussion of THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER. Alex has discovered an incredible adult-oriented online animated …

#106 – Fast And Furious About Mortal Kombat

The PseudoAdults discuss all the latest happenings! INVINCIBLE to FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER (no finale spoilers in this episode!). Many more topics are hit including us finally seeing NEW MUTANTS, Alex and Matt watched the newest MORTAL KOMBAT and give t…

#105 – Space Jam? More like SERVER JAM!

The PseudoAdults come at ya with all the good stuff over the last 1-2 weeks! Get ready for a SPOILERY discussion about GODZILLA VS. KONG &  FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (eps 1-4)! Non-spoilery chat as well about INVINCIBLE.

#104 – Zack Snyder’s Justice League PseudoReview

The PseudoAdults are back from their baby break (pun super intendo’d!) to discuss all the biggest happenings of the past few weeks. They do a big ole SPOILERY discussion of ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE and FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER episodes 1 & 2.

#103 – Pseudo Adult Babies Vol 1

In this very special episode we welcome Gianna & Alex’s first child to the world! We reached out to family and close friends who kindly sent in audio welcoming baby Anthony to the world! Order of appearance: Dirce (Alex’s paternal grandmother), Jean,

#102 – Osomatsu has a dub! And Mary Plotless

The PseudoAdults have a SPOILER-filled discussion about WANDAVISION up to episode 8 (the penultimate episode). We jump around to various topics – Kyle and Alex saw (most of) the 1st episode of SUPERMAN & LOIS and give their spoiler-free thoughts.

#101 – The Mattatee Tank

The PseudoAdults discuss all the big happenings over the last few weeks. Alex & Matt made a music video for their newest song, hear all about it! They also give the lowdown on the current and upcoming Space Zambonie projects!

#100 – The 100th Episode Awards Show Spectacular!

Well we have made it! Episode 100! The PseudoAdults celebrate by doing the most obvious and necessary thing – an awards show! Listen as the events unfold and see if your pick won! Editor side note: Thank you very,

#99 – Cobra Kai And Tenet pseudoreview NEVER DIES!

The PseudoAdults dive into some SPOILERY review and discussion of TENET & COBRA KAI Season 3! Tune in and hear all their thoughts and feelings about these two completely different products. At the start Alex gives some insight to the Space Zambonie rel…

#98 – The Podcast Returns! (in fan art)

The PseudoAdults reconvene to discuss some of the big happenings of the past week! Space Zambonie is going strong as Alex & Matt discuss bringing in editors, and how they met them and get along! They then get into major spoiler territory on many differ…

#97 – Gaggle of Mickey’s

The PseudoAdults discuss all the crazy Star Wars & MCU-related Disney news in the most non-DC episode in a while! We do NOT spoil the Mandalorian season 2 finale in this episode. We get to hear from Alex and Matt right in the middle of their Charity Li…

#96 – Woahgasm

The PseudoAdults catch up on a mix of their own creative projects – Buggin’ Out Episodes 3 & 4, Osomatsu-san parody, upcoming Space Zambonie charity stream, & comedy album updates! They then delve into conversing about various topics including Mandalor…

#95 – Can I Be George Clooney’s Friend?

The PseudoAdults return to discuss their latest projects including animation and comedy songwriting! They then delve into topics such as: Tony and Alex’s first impression of playing PS5, the current Venom comics, horror movie sequels,

#94 – The Illusion of Choice (in video games)

The PseudoAdults discuss a wide array of subjects. Tony and Rachel have been playing the newest Assassins Creed Game and have been watching Punisher & Big Mouth. Alex & Matt saw The Purge (2013), and Kyle completed Watchmen (HB0).

#93 – THE BOYS Season 2 Pseudoreview + TENET late/early thoughts!

The PseudoAdults reconvene to finally get a big update on themselves, their recent creative projects, and their Halloweens! Then they take a deep SPOILERY dive into season 2 of THE BOYS! After this a plethora of other topics are hit,

#92 – Osomatsu Season 3 Begins

The PseudoAdults catch each other up on all the various shows/movies they’ve been watching (both old and new) including Haunting of Bly Manor, Digimon movies, Cobra Kai, and a Serbian Film?, and an outdated Italian horror film.

#91 – Rocky Mountain Oyster Bay Cult

The PseudoAdults eat bull testicles! I mean, they classily dined upon rocky mountain oysters. We hear the immediate aftermath, including the story as to how Matt and Alex acquired them from Colorado! They catch up on the biggest news and updates from t…

#90 – The Fan Ghost

The PseudoAdults hear Kyle’s tale of 3 unexplained phenomena in the dining room of his new house! They then dive into their phone booths for their SPOILERY discussion of BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC! Then they get into video game chat about MARVEL’S AVENG…

#89 – RIP Chadwick Boseman & DC Fandome

The PseudoAdults catch up on plenty of subjects including Kyle officially moving into his new house! We hear plenty of stories and tales related to that, including moving a freakin piano! As they jump into media-related news they pay respect to Chadwic…

#88 – Twot Plist

The PseudoAdults celebrate the release of the MOVERS film TED SKATES (see link below to watch – it’s free if you have Prime, and just $10 if you don’t!) They also discuss the imminent release of Mulan on Disney+ as well as overall discussion about Disn…

#87 – Wild Week Vol 1

The PseudoAdults initially thought this was a slow week, but quickly realized this was one of their most eventful weeks yet! Everyone has a knock-your-socks-off crazy story to share! Not to spoil anything, but one of us is a bear. Afterwards,

#86 – I Know What Tony and Rachel Did This Summer

Creepy title aside, the PseudoAdults hear from Tony and Rachel, who somehow managed a summer getaway! They have some uh, very interesting stories about their travels and resort. That topic continues on for most of the episode.

#85 – Pin Dropping Goodness

A few of the PseudoAdults can finally say they’ve seen HAMILTON (thanks to Disney+). They discuss their thoughts, highlights, and experience watching it. Alex gives the dish on an interesting show on Quibi!

#84 – Reunited And It Feels Soooo Good

The PseudoAdults are all back in the same room! The first season of Tony’s comic is out! (See description below for link). They do plenty of catching up then jump into recent comic-related news including Michael Keaton’s return to Batman for The Flash …

#83 – The Shivering Truth

As stated at the top of today’s episode please see some of the links below for more information about BlackLivesMatter. And to my fellow white Long Islanders: saying BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean your life doesn’t.

#82 – The Director’s Cut!

The PseudoAdults discuss the upcoming charitable events for Space Zambonie, and discuss what they’ve been watching, both old and new! Including Event Horizon and Space Force! Kyle’s got HBO Max and isn’t afraid to speak his mind (note: he realized shor…

#81 – DC Powerhouse – #SnyderCut announcement and Harley Quinn

The PseudoAdults chat via Zoom, learning more about HBO Max’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Tony and Rachel continue to immensely enjoy the Harley Quinn series as you will hear. Kyle feels mad dizzy about the storytelling in Westworld season 2.

#80 – Scoob! Review!

The PseudoAdults once again congregate via Zoom only to realize they have all seen SCOOB! and and ready to discuss (SPOILERS!). Naturally the conversation leads into comparing Scoob! to previous incarnations of the franchise.

#79 – Baroque Back Mountain

The PseudoAdults record an unique episode from the comfort of their own quarantined homes! We get updates on everyone, plus a brand new game unique to social distancing! And to give the full Pseudo Adults experience,

#78 – Pseudosongwriters Vol 4

In a quarantine special episode Kyle runs through the making of one of his most recent songs, from instrumentation to lyrics to the full recording. Hear the tale, then hear the song! Take care of yourself and thanks for being great during this sucky cr…

#77 – Life In Quarantine

Disclaimer: Our podcast is meant as a fun conversation between friends. Our hearts go out to anyone going through hardships due to COVID-19. Please know that before listening to our goofy show. The PseudoAdults talk about the previous week of their liv…

#76 – Tony’s First AI Dungeon Experience

The PseudoAdults can’t help but talk about CoronaVirus just like the rest of the world. After that we get silly as Tony gets his first ever introduction to AI Dungeon and we listen to him play and build his bizarre and hilarious story in real time!

#75 – Shranks Character Battles Ultra-Turbo Mode Vol 7

The PseudoAdults catch up a little bit on some of the newest Space Zambonie news with the Moverz. Alex gives his spoiler-free take on the brand new My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising film. Then we do consecutive rounds of Shrank Character Battles,

#74 – Down the Hedgehog Hole

The PseudoAdults listen as Tony and Alex take us down memory lane about their Sonic the Hedgehog game idea pitches to SEGA from 2000 to 2009, and what came of it! Other topics of discussion in this episode include: Harley Quinn season finale (spoilers)…

#73 – Sonic The Hedgehog & Harley Quinn’s Bird Of Prey Pseudoreview

The PseudoAdults give their SPOILERY review/discussion of the newly released theatrical films for Sonic the Hedgehog & Harley Quinn’s Birds of Prey. We also give spoilery chat about Dr. Sleep and fall down the Stephen King rabbit hole a bit.

#72 – Spacing the Zambonie

The PseudoAdults pre-celebrate the new releases coming from Space Zambonie (Alex & Matt’s primary focus). They some behind the scenes chat about the making of their Osomatsu parody and scheduling videos on YouTube.

#71 – Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 4 & 5 PseudoReview

The PseudoAdults give a SPOILERy discussion about the final 2 parts of Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Rachel has now seen the entire Star Wars OT and is ready to share her thoughts with the rest of us!

#70 – Mandalorian Pseudoreview. Maclunky!

The PseudoAdults give their SPOILER-filled review of The Mandalorian episodes 1-7. Rachel has now seen A New Hope for the first time and gives us her take on it. Matt’s coming ever closer to catching up on My Hero Academia,

#69 – The Rise Of Skywalker PseudoReview

The PseudoAdults have a thorough discussion about their thoughts regarding Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (SPOILERS! I MEAN COME ON). Other topics discussed prior to this are The Witcher on Netflix and Mr. Robot’s series finale!

#68 – Christmas With the Cinnadicks

In this especially romantic holiday-themed episode, Kyle shares the story of proposing and becoming engaged, then Alex shares his, followed by Tony. They then have brief non-spoiler chat about Star Wars IX.

#67 – Crisis on Infinite DC Comics Conversations

The PseudoAdults give their take on Parts 1-3/5 of Crisis on Infinite Earths (spoilers for part 1 only!). We also hear more about the Harley Quinn show. We get 2 awesome amazing facts about optimism and gouda.

#66 – Magnemia’s Ultimate Battle

Gianna hosts this episode where the PseudoAdults further discuss The Mandalorian (spoilers), Arrowverse (Arrow spoilers) & hype for Crisis on Infinite Earths. They then do the most bizarre Fatal 4 Way round of Shranks Character Battles you’ll ever hear…

#65 – The League of Former Presidents

The PseudoAdults start with an update on Space Zambonie’s productivity and upcoming releases. Then they dive into various DC shows including the new Harley Quinn show, Titans, & Arrowverse. Kyle learns what a VSCO girl is and decides if he is one.

#64 – Kisses on Google Hangouts

The PseudoAdults carefully craft you a show consisting of some personal life updates followed by our take on various news stories including: The “Sonic the Hedgehog” redesign/new trailer & “Scoob” trailer. Alex & Matt give their in depth take on “Death…

#63 – Regigigapodcast

The PseudoAdults gather around and recall Matt & Kyle’s $8 Pokemon Go outing. Then they dive into review/discussion of mostly DC stuff: Batwoman, Arrow, Titans, & The Tick. I did say mostly. They also discuss the upcoming CW superhero shows involving t…

#62 – The Limit of the Ancestors part 2

The PseudoAdults celebrate Kyle’s birthday and reminisce about his pong pong party the day prior. Kyle goes into Batwoman and Arrow’s new episodes (SPOILERS), leading into chat about Titans and the DC streaming app shows,

#61 – Joker 2nd Viewing

The PseudoAdults discuss Alex’s new song (link below), Rachel’s birthday, and Tony & Rachel’s visit to the NY Renaissance Faire. Then we get into non-spoilery discussion of Joker and other DC-related news. That all leads into a big & SPOILERy discussio…

#60 – Shranks Character Battles Ultra-Turbo Mode Vol 6

The PseudoAdults give a pseudo review of the new Joker movie (no spoilers) and hear about Rachel and Tracy Morgan’s time at the Emmy’s 2 weeks ago. From there we get into a bunch of consecutive rounds of Shranks Character Battles!

#59 – Murder and Gelato

The PseudoAdults update each other about the Joker movie controversy, Spider-Man in the MCU, and much more! Kyle & Tony discuss this season’s first South Park episode (no spoilers) that devolves into a debate about South Park’s serialization in recent …

#58 – Moro This Super Arc

The PseudoAdults give an update on episode 2 of their fan parody of Osomatsu-san (it’s done! see link below!!). We get Tony’s Titans Talk about Titans that leads into DCCW news and speculation about Crisis on Infinite Earths.

#57 – Ligers, Tigons, & 50 Years Of Scooby Doo

The PseudoAdults dive into a SPOILER-filled discussion of It: Chapter Two. Tony & Rachel give non-spoiler discussion of Titans S2E2, which prompts further DC talk as usual. We also get an update on Mr. Osomatsu fan parody episode 2!

#56 – Plops and Crying

The PseudoAdults hear Alex, Gianna, & Matt’s stories about STATTfest! They then dive into a number of topics like Titans S2E1. More of us have seen The Boys, and we talk about it without being spoilery. Tony & Rachel have finally watched Detective Pika…

#55 – The Boys & All You Can Eat DC News!

The PseudoAdults are in awe of Alex, who has completed his RPG (Direct link below)! They also chat up multiple DC Comics-related news including but not limited to the Joker trailer, Titans, Bird of Prey, and the Lego DC: Batman – Family Matters.

#54 – Herps MaGee Remembers

The PseudoAdults talk about various topics ranging all the way from the Sony vs Marvel Spidey fiasco, D23 News, & DC animated shows. Kyle does his best to sell everyone on The Boys on Prime. We get cheesedutainment from the Optimism Corner and Gouda Fa…

#53 – Daddy Shranks and @GoudaFacts

The PseudoAdults discuss last weekend’s first ever Space Zambonie video game tournament, We hear delightful facts from the Optimism Corner and perhaps even better facts from Tracy Morgan’s Gouda Facts?!?! Oh and this shall forever be known as the episo…

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