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Injustice Gods Among Us


Rastafarian Bane? A kick ass Alfred? This play through is filled with laughs, and a good handful of comic book knowledge. Taking Dan and Matt through the game for the first time, Alex gets to kick back and reminsence on the graphics and story of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Lead Cast

  • Part 1

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 4, 2017
    • 21:08
    In this video Alex, Matt, and Dan make bad Joker puns, Dan's inability to play fighting games becomes very apparent, and we discuss how Hugo Strange figured out Batman's identity prostate exam.
  • Part 2

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 5, 2017
    • 17:14
    The guys talk about Green Lantern robbing banks, the REAL reason why Lois is dead, and what would happen if Superman started getting political.
  • Part 3

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 6, 2017
    • 9:11
    In this episode Alex points out that when hero's fight Shazam is it really child abuse, Dan says the magic word on Space Zambonie, and Ares is the latest character to take on Goku in Dagonball.
  • Part 4

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 7, 2017
    • 14:05
    Right out the gate the guys discuss all the failed flavors that Willy Wonka ever produced, we discuss how poorly done Wonder Woman's outfit is even though it seems to be working for Hal, and Joker is tougher than Batman because of his lack of armor.
  • Part 5

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 8, 2017
    • 13:47
    In this episode we talk about why Batman was such a little wuss in his battles, we realize the visual difference between good Superman and evil Superman is that the evil one gets less sleep at night, and the new Batman game that's in the works.
  • Part 6

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 9, 2017
    • 15:22
    Alex tries to take down Solomon Grundy with only arrows, and Batman has a hard time with colors because the only one he knows is black, and we discuss Nightwing's sex life.
  • Part 7

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 10, 2017
    • 12:03
    In this episode we discuss the anatomy of Cyborg's armor, Superman's social media presence, and how both Cyborgs aren't very intelligent.
  • Part 8

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 11, 2017
    • 11:52
    The guys talk about Matt's experiences with internet dating sites and it gets strange really fast.
  • Part 9

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 12, 2017
    • 14:21
    Matt tells the story about the plaid shirt and we talk about how Alfred is actually a bad ass.
  • Part 10

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 13, 2017
    • 14:22
    Alex explains the plot of the game to Dan because he didn't read the comics and Alex and Matt talk about their experiences in a drag bar.
  • Part 11

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 14, 2017
    • 18:18
    In this episode we discuss Gorilla Grodd's ability to create humans from himself and we point out more plot holes in the game.
  • Part 12

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 15, 2017
    • 14:44
    The guys sing songs by the Bee Gees and Bane is now suddenly Rastafarian.
  • Part 13

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 16, 2017
    • 14:06
    Matt rages about how he was banned from Facebook for a photo shopped picture meanwhile other people are posting horrible pictures and get away with it and we talk about funny mods for Injustice and GTA.
  • Finale

    • Injustice Story Mode
    • May 17, 2017
    • 20:09
    Good Superman turns out to be the smartest character when it comes to fighting yellow lantern, Matt does his Markiplier impression, and Cyborg drops an 'L' on Lex.
  • Part 1

    • Injustice Versus
    • June 13, 2017
    • 00:15:13
    Matt makes Alex's Mom sound like Rolf! The room starts spinning for Dan, and they fight against each other 1v1!
  • Finale

    • Injustice Versus
    • June 14, 2017
    • 00:15:42
    Dan starts to get pissed off that Alex is winning! Joker and Batman face off... in Atlantis! Alex talks about a time he went to see Rango and someone told his friend to shut up.
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