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Outlast: Whistleblower


Ever seen a grown man animorph into a bitch in less than 0.5 seconds? Today’s your lucky day. Welcome to Outlast, the game that pits you against the forces of pure insanity and arms you with nothing but a Nikon camcorder from the clearance isle at Walmart.

Lead Cast

  • Snowden Appreciation Day

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • October 2, 2016
    • 00:24:22
    For the sake of fun I decided to make the most out of my crappy facecam situation and turn it into a more immersive experience. Simply put, you'll see my face whenever there is light and won't see it when it's dark, almost like it's actually happening in the game! Blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly, piss are in abundance as we make our way through Foster's Home for The Batshit Crazy!
  • Revenge of the Pizza Man

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • October 8, 2016
    • 00:26:08
    He's big, he's half-naked, and he's ready to serve your sorry ass some pizza, just not the pizza you think it is. This week, my nerves undergo a Fight Club-style beating and my voice raises two octaves as the journey through Super Saiyan Hell reaches a new level, one that my dignity is not prepared for. It's the revenge of the pizza man!
  • Waylon Park's Bad Film Day

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • December 26, 2016
    • 00:11:47
    What better way to spend Christmas than by running from the stuff of nightmares? Today, Howie Mandel continues his perilous quest to smash his skull through a door for the glory of Satan, Pizza Man releases his new hit remix of 'Space Pants', Waylon Park uncovers some provocative photos, and a partridge in a pear tree. Scary Christmas, everyone.
  • Flailing on all Cylinders

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • January 15, 2017
    • 00:09:51
    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Plot twist: I'm the chicken and the other side was not pleasant at all. Today, Waylon Park visits the hood, The Twins express their sexual urges through a chain link fence, some guy in a basketball court managed to miss the hoop over 300 times and Chris Walker returns for his bitch. This is flailing on all cylinders at its finest.
  • Groom Claims a Waifu

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • January 28, 2017
    • 00:09:33
    If there's anything that this game has taught me it's that anything is possible, even a wedding in an abandoned sweatshop. Today I get manhandled by Chris Walker one more time, the Case of the Lewd Photos enters its next chapter, the asylum prisoners lose their manners, MTV Cribs stops by to cover a new home with only two benches and no walls, and the Groom shows up to his own wedding cosplaying as Suicide Squad's Joker. It's gonna get crazy.
  • Time for a Divorce

    • Outlast: Whistleblower RayPlay!
    • February 5, 2017
    • 00:10:43
    How do you let a crazed, half-dead psychopath know that it's time to split ways? Running like hell and never turning back, that's how. Today, the 'Cash me Outside' girl makes a guest appearance, Waylon Park injures himself doing parkour down an elevator shaft and out a two-story window, Groom tries once again to show his undying and unnecessary love by hosting a two-man wedding reception and the true lesson of heartbreak is taught through impalement via metal pole.
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