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Scribblenauts Showdown


It’s a race to the finish in this epic series of mini games! Alex, Matt, Ray, and Gianna all have to think as creatively as possible to make it through the “Scribblenauts Showdown”!

Lead Cast

  • Part 1

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • July 30, 2018
    • 00:16:24
    Alex, Gianna, Matt, and Ray are all up against one another! Who will make their way to the goal first?! Taking up the roles of Justice, Dipshit, Dr.Quack, and Cumguzzler! Justice servers out Zombie repellent! And Matt the "Cumguzzler" gives away condominiums!
  • Part 2

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • July 31, 2018
    • 00:15:19
    Ray eats a human and becomes a cannibal! Alex races Gianna as she devours an egg! But when Ray starts a dance off, it's a Rapscallion that takes the cake! George W Bush watches as people drop off Dinosaurs. This game is pure insanity.
  • Part 3

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • August 1, 2018
    • 00:15:25
    Flying on the back of Anubis, Alex and Matt race in the pits of hell! Dipshit stacks a pile of black holes that seem "gyroscopically" stable at first but fails in the end. Then, in a battle to the death... Gianna chooses to use a remote against a rocket launcher.
  • Part 4

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • August 2, 2018
    • 00:15:30
    Ray sits in the back and decides to reshuffle everyone's cards. Instead of trying to move forward, or backward, he just shuffles everyone's cards. Its the most evil thing you can do in this game. Alex throws a bomber plane, and it doesn't even explode. Matt becomes king of the cards, but we all start learning the secret of the mini games!
  • Part 5

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • August 3, 2018
    • 00:16:06
    Alex pulls off the upset and brings Ray into first place, but then Matt instantly equalizes everyone. When Ray forgets that you have to switch objects, Alex flies on the back of the esquire... then almost immediately races on the back of a jock! Matt has to take a call, and instead of Taj cutting the footage... Alex sings, and Ray talks about eating ass.
  • Part 6

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • August 7, 2018
    • 00:15:53
    Although we start off the level normally, we have to instantly jump back into the pause menu. Which warrants a talk about Guillermo Del Toro. Alex ask Ray if he could turn Guillermo Del Toro into a gold ornament. At the end of the day, Gianna just wants to get to the end of the game, but Alex is preoccupied serving a noose to vampires. And Alex's cold makes him sound like a teenage girl.
  • Finale!

    • Scribblenauts Showdown
    • August 8, 2018
    • 00:07:02
    While we're one space away from the ending.... It doesn't mean that anyone is a clear victor! The final battle is held, and it's a photo finish! With one final battle in a gladiator style, it's more serious than ever.
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